in which i come crawling back

Well, here we are. After only several months after moving out of my childhood home, I’ll be moving back in with my family. Most of this time spent living “on my own” was just an exercise in futility. But then again hindsight is 20/20.

It’s really all about the money, or lack thereof. Since my rent went up back in March, I’ve been hard pressed to set aside any money. That, and the fact that my utilities bill is skyrocketing despite being conservative on my energy consumption. I’m now at a point where I can’t even afford groceries! The other factor has to to with the room mate. Well, not her but her fucking family. I have to be honest, I have never seen a train wreck quite as spectacular as her extended family. It was interesting to watch them from afar but the second their drama spilled into our household I knew it was time to bail. I’m not paying all of this money that I barely have so I can have the living room turn into a white trash storage unit. I feel bad about feeling this way, being it’s her family and all, but I have limits.

Normally moving back in with one’s parents is a humiliating event. But I’ve been looking mostly on the bright side. For one, I will save hundreds of dollars a month not having to pay any rent or utilities. Plus I won’t have to do any food shopping (some of the time). And I can finally catch up on all of the ESPN and Adult Swim programming I’ve been missing. Plus I’ll be near my friends again, who I felt like I haven’t seen as much of as I’d like to since moving to UB.

Funny thing is that I never felt like I had officially “moved out”. Even though all of my stuff came with me, it really felt like I was away at college again. I did my laundry at my parents’ house, ate like crap,  played lots of video games, and stayed up waaaaaay past my bedtime. The only real difference is lack of alcohol intake and a job. It’ll be a pain in the ass being further away from AEA but I think we’ll manage to work something out. Besides, now I’ll have money to actually go out and do stuff.

So farewell shitty, pot-holed streets and flooding estuaries. Good bye, worthless A/C unit and crooked walls.  I’m off to receive my bail out and live like a loser again.


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