oh fuck i forgot i still have a blog

You’ll have to excuse the hiatus, I’ve been in front of the t.v. playing Call of Duty 4 for a few weeks. But I will have you know that I have become a level 55 Commander! Please, you don’t have to congratulate me all at once.

It’s been over a month since I moved out of my house, and it still feels like I’m away on a sleepover. So far everything is good, except for the fact that my town doesn’t bother to plow. Ever. But being 8 blocks away from the beach will be great in a few months.

Work is work. Too much work, in fact, but it’s partially my fault. Having only taken one day off in two weeks left me wide open for another sinus infection, but now that I finally have health benefits I won’t have to suffer for a month straight like the last time… I hope. I’ll be damned if I’m sick on my birthday.

Speaking of which, what should I ask for my birthday? I literally cannot think of anything that I need or want. I feel like I’m beyond asking my parents for gifts. I remember the old days where I’d hand them a long list of video games and then quietly play Mario Paint, hoping they’d give me a copy of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4. And when they didn’t I’d just paint some more crude drawings and play Gnat Attack. Clothes would be nice, but my closet is literally full and can’t fit any more. I may need a new iPod, but I am too lazy to recreate all my play lists. Money would be the best option, but then I may be tempted to run out and buy a PlayStation 3. I guess what I’m saying is that I’d be totally cool with nothing.

A lot of people I know are freaking out about turning 25. “OMG QUARTER OF A CENTURY LOLOLOL!!!!1!” Well it certainly sounds like a lot when you use the word century, only problem is none of us will even live that long so when you think about it, the appropriate age to start worrying about all the precious time you’ve wasted is 35. I mean 25 is old for a car but not a person. If you think you’re old at 25, wait until you’re 30. Or 40… or any age after that. Stop thinking about it and just have fun while you can, especially since you’ll be able to finally rent a car.

My NBC boycott stands. Other than my dad forcing me to watch some of the Olympics, I’ve skipped out on all of their programming. I will lift my ban for one hour on for SNL this weekend, because I can’t bring myself to miss Zach Galifianakis and Vampire Weekend. Glad I missed out on the last SNL though… Jennifer Lopez, really? Bitch hasn’t been relevant since 1999. But anyway, I don’t get any channels on my t.v. because the technicians at Cablevision are a bunch of wankers, but I don’t really miss it watching t.v.

Uhhhh… that’s it.


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