now my heart is full

I don’t have much to say these days, but something interesting happened today at work.

I was at Holmdel Park because most of the rangers are on vacation, so I suited up in my park ranger gear and took care of the shelter building. It gets a lot of foot traffic, being that it’s the only indoor facility and it has a large, open fire place. I spent most of the day tending to the fire and chatting up patrons, but there was what I think was an extraordinary moment near the end of the day. There was an attractive woman sitting next to the fire place, probably in her late 20’s or early 30’s, and she began asking me about the parks. After a few minutes, a man roughly around the same age as her, sitting on the opposite side of the fire place, chimed in during our conversation. I didn’t even see him come in so I did one of those ” where the fuck did you come from” faces.

But soon they began conversing and I slowly went out doing some park ranger stuff. I think they were talking about The Secret and laws of attraction and iPhones. I sat back and watched them talk from opposite sides of the fire place, and every so often I’d sneak in between them to move or add some wood. Eventually my shift ended so I thew one last piece of wood on the fire and I wished them both a Merry Christmas. It wasn’t until I walked out of the building that I realized what had transpired. The way they carried with each other was so genuine; none of the conversation seemed forced. They were good looking and interesting and had never been to the park before. They weren’t sledding and weren’t with anyone else… They were just there at that exact moment for no apparent reason.

Now if that wasn’t the start of two people falling in love, then I don’t know what is.


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