blow up the outside world

The people on our televisions are trying to kill us. They won’t rest until we are completely divided a nation. They want us to fight each other because wel all believe in different things. They want to push their view on us and brainwash us and feed us misinformation. And while we tear each other apart and lose trust in each other, they make millions. And they’ll die millionares. And we will not progress as citizens or as human beings. We’ll be obsessed with distractions and lose sight of what really matters.

I want to do something about it. Nobody reads or listens to reason any more. What the hell am I supposed to do? Where do I go? Who do I talk to?



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2 responses to “blow up the outside world

  1. Chris H

    Nobody reads or listens to reason?

    You’re one-hundred percent correct and I would like to refer you to your previous post, dated September 9th.

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