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I had en epiphany the other day about what I want in my ideal woman. It came about as I was watching an ad for and how it supposedly cross references things like your “values” and “beliefs” and “character” to other people’s profiles. Well that’s a bit skewed, don’t you think? Unless someone fills out your profile for you, I highly doubt anyone will write in anything negative about themselves. “Hey, I’m a Leo, I like skiing, and a woman’s place is in the kitchen.” Yeahhhhhh.

I mean let’s face it, probably 75% of dating sites are for finding people to fuck. So instead of paying for a website that will only really remind you of how miserable and lonely you are, try this: think of two television shows, movies, or books that you love and your ideal mate has to already love. Then go on Craigslist and save yourself some money and time.

Now, it’s preferred that your picks mean a lot to you. If you try to buckshot it and say your favorite movies are popular fare like Transformers and the last two X-Men movies, you’ll probably get more responses but the quality won’t be as good. Unless of course you actually like those movies… but then you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog if you did.

So I would say that my ideal woman would have to find Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Wonder Showzen funny. I picked these two shows based on their relative obscurity and the fact that they are probably my favorite shows of all time. Arrested Development would’ve also been an acceptable answer. Keep it limited to only two though, for you are not making a “Top 10” list.

And what ever you do, do not use songs or bands. It’s been done to death.


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