we were better off as animals… right?

I was having a discussion with a friend today about drinking, specifically the justification for drinking and drunkenness. It was during this conversation that I concluded that humans can be pretty fucking dumb.

A hard night of drinking results in a hangover, which everyone can agree upon. And it’s also agreed that hangovers are awful, especially when one has to go to work. But I am willing to bet that everyone who drinks, be they frat boy, hipster, or newly divorced cougar, thinks to themselves at some point that there will be physical repercussions to their drinking. And yet for some reason we all say “fuck it” and throw back a shot of whiskey and it’s all downhill from there. Why do we think it’ll be worth it? I mean, it’s not worth it, ever. It’s not fun, and hangover days are more or less spent wearing sunglasses indoors and watching one of the crappier Bruce Willis action movies (i.e. Mercury Rising)  in the afternoon and not doing anything productive. But we do it for the sake of being social, or to forget that life outside of the bar sucks, or because someone is paying for your drinks and you might as well take advantage of the situation.

Also, try not to get roped into two consecutive chugging contests. That will just make things worse.

I’m writing this only because last night was by far the strangest night of drinking in my life, and I’m trying to put together how and why things played out the way they did. I woke up this morning to make sure whatever piece of my car came off wasn’t important (it’s wasn’t, sorta) and why four car bombs cost $32 at fucking BRANNIGANS. And more importantly, I couldn’t understand how I keep making it home alive. Either I’m a great drunk driver or a lucky idiot. I need a Vitamin Water and two more aspirin… and some answers.

In other news, I’m happy that my brother has been cleared to join a police precinct and go on to the police academy, I’m taking my motorcycle permit test sometime this week, and after careful deliberation with my bank account, I decided not to go to All Points West after all. In any case, the entries are going to be infrequent thanks to Twitter, but if anything important happens it’ll end up here.

In conclusion, here’s this guy:



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