shiftless when idle

If you think you’re important enough to use Twitter, the you are not important. I don’t want to hear one more God damn thing about tweeting or twittering or using it in the past tense. After watching CBS this morning, which had stories about the death of newspapers and the meteoric rise of Twitter, I’ve concluded that America doesn’t like to read. Instead, people are only willing to read, and write, 140 characters about NOTHING. Let’s face it, blogs are pretty self indulgent but you can convey a hell of a lot more in your writing. Twitter on the other hand is just glorified text messaging for people who think that their friends care about what they’re doing every moment of the day. I can’t knock it entirely, though. It’s a pretty useful tool for news organizations (that aren’t CNN, MSNBC, etc.) and I’ve seen a few celebrity accounts that were funny. But my main reasons for disliking it is because it gives the attention whores with the cluttered Myspace pages and the application ridden Facebooks another yet another website to talk about their banal lives.

Just recently, I put together a new economic stimulus package. I call it “Digging Through Lint in the Dryer 2009”. I was fixing the slot that the lint screen gets placed in, because the screen wasn’t going in all the way. Turns out there is a ton of lint in there, along with cash. $6 to be exact. That was enough to send me into a frenzy, sorting through the toolbox looking for something to prod and move the lint around to round up a few more Washingtons. At some point while I was bent over , stabbing the dryer with a screwdriver, with dust in my eyes and lungs, I thought to myself, “I can’t believe it’s come to this.” And after all that, the fucking screen still didn’t go in and I may have squandered what remaining dignity I had left. But $6 can buy a pretty tasty sandwich…


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