money changes everything

Ugh, I think I ate way too much soda bread yesterday. I had like, 7 pieces plus a corn beef sandwich and chips.

My biggest priority in the past week, other than finding a job, was to get back to having over 7,000 experience points on Mario Kart online. This is how sad my life has become. I have an interview pending with the Dow Jones C0mpany and I swear if I get this job I will not play video games for the entire summer. 

I want to go out and drink tomorrow, but I’m yet to get paid and I haven’t had any birthday money roll in, so chances are I’ll be getting drunk alone in my basement. Again. It’s a shame, because I really love drinking, possibly because I’m half Irish and half Russian. Guinness and vodka: a winning combination.

I can’t wait to grow old and be a slave to money. Maybe I’ll blow my brains out while I’m at it?


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