nobody’s hero

After weeks of sitting around doing nothing, my dad got me involved with Project Linus. PL is a volunteer group that knits blankets for homeless people, sick kids, etc. and delivers them to hospitals, shelters, and churches. I picked up 17 bags of blankets this weekend and dropped them off at a hospital today. So far so good. I was just surprised by how many blankets there where. A lot of hours must have went into making them. I can’t knit for shit so I think I’ll stick to deliveries.

My annual nervous twitch has returned. At least once a year I get these weird spasms in my right hand or my eye (kind of like when a cartoon character is seconds away from going ballistic). I guess they’re stress related, but I’m not entirely sure what set them off. It could be Citizen’s Bank trying to extort money from me, having no money, looking at Facebook pics of everyone having fun, not being able to start working at the park until April… you know, the usual stuff. The twitches go away eventually, though I’m not entirely sure when or why.

In case you haven’t heard, 92.3 KROCK is switching over to a Top 40 format. Can someone tell me what the fuck is happening around here? It’s starting to get scary. NYC will now have three “hit music” stations. At this point people may as well request car radios with only one button. Though this is good news for RXP, having the rock market cornered, it’s a bad sign for rock radio in general. I guess this situation answers the question from my previous entry about G106.3: it is all about the money. Nothing else. Even though KROCK has been playing the same Led Zepplin and Red Hot Chili Peppers songs ad nauseum for the last few years, it’s still sad to see it go. I’d rather they bring back the talk radio format with David Lee Roth than listen to Taylor Swift eight times a day… not that I would anyway. Shut up!

Yet no matter how much I complain about life, I can take some solace in knowing that somebody out there has it worse. 

But hey, how about that weather this past weekend?


Today, I got an e-mail from LinkedIn saying that a girl I knew from Kutztown (and in the Professional Writing Program) added me as a contact. An hour later, I get another e-mail stating that she sent the invite to me by mistake. FML


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