quick survey: are you pro-aids or anti-aids?

From what I’ve heard so far, the new Yeah Yeah Yeah’s album is just begging to be sampled by Girl Talk.

yeah-yeah-yeahs-its-blitz-album-artGreg Gillis must be salivating. I know I am.

ANYWAY, I spent a few days in Boston checking out the sights and hanging out with friends. I went into an employment agency for an interview and they said there was a telecommunications company they could place me in. It was quite shocking. After months of searching I was literally being handed a job within 30 minutes of walking in the door. Lucky me.

Of course, for my Boston plan to work out there had to be a perfect scenario in which I would get a job,  stay with my friend Cynthia until I found a place, and remove my NY Giants license plate border (which would never happen). The day I went up to Boston, Cynthia was offered to move in with her sister, therefore removing an important piece of the plan. And since I am flat broke and nobody in my family is going to give me money, I’m pretty much back where I started. I am still considering a move up there though. Boston is pretty clean and there seems to be a lot to do. Plus, the restaurants I went to were fantastic. The Upper Crust has the best pizza I have ever tasted. One odd thing though: We went out to a random bar and I asked for two car bombs, but the bartender said that they didn’t serve them. A bar… in Boston… that doesn’t serve IRISH CAR BOMBS. Maybe I had a preconceived notion that everyone from school children to hospice residents drank them in Beantown, but seriously guys… you lost some points.

This next bit could be catagorized under “Blogging About My Cats” , but I am seriously in love with my new phone:

3/24/09: There was a pic of the phone here, but I was getting an obscene amount of traffic from Google so I took it down. Instead, here’s a crudely drawn version that I put together on MS Paint.


It’s the LG Dare, bitches. Since I will not be able to afford an iPhone until I get my AARP membership card, this was the next best thing, and I don’t have to switch carriers. It’s fully touch screen, has 4GB of memory (which I bought separate) for music, and a fast HTML internet browser. One drawback though is that viewing internet pages isn’t as intuitive as the iPhone. But so long as it can stave off boredom, it’s fine by me.

Um, what else… oh yeah, all of you should watch Eastbound and Down (HBO) and The College Humor Show (MTV). And if you haven’t been watching Flight of the Conchords, get on that. This season is somehow funnier than the last one. Oh and apparently Glenn Danzig (yes, that Danzig) is going to be the star of the next Rock of Love. I may actually willingly watch that one. I guess all those years of being evil and finally took its toll. I hope it’s filmed in his native NJ though, as it seems all the RoL contestants look like strippers from North Jersey.


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