free hugs

My friend and I decided that most people in the world don’t know how to properly execute a hug. And I don’t mean it in the context of greeting a friend or offering some fake sympathy or letting a friend cry on your shoulder, but  a hug that says, “Hey, I care about you. And it’s nice to give/get ahug .”

So here are the guidelines:

1. It must last between 10 to 15 seconds

2. It has to be a full embrace/shoulder to shoulder (unless you don’t like the person)

3. Be relaxed, but don’t let your arms go limp

4. Guys, seriously, don’t get a boner. Especially if you’re hugging another guy

5. Embrace the moment as well

Not so hard, is it?

Now go forth and hug.


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  1. idsamdg

    LOL – this made me laugh!

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