you’re standing on my neck


Does anyone else miss this show? Like, miss it a lot? I mean the irony of it all is astounding, considering Daria was literally against everything that MTV is today.  She was the voice of a generation of teenagers who, while steeped in self loathing and cynicism, could spot a tool from five miles away and would never buy into conformity. And of course, the music was great. This show is up on my “Mantle of Brilliance” with Arrested Development and Wonder Showzen.

MTV needs to release this and The State on DVD. But you know how they are, too busy preparing for overly-hyped award shows that nobody watches anymore and all. This may be the closest anyone will get to, but it’s better than nothing.

Also, there’s something about seeing the words “MTV” that makes me cringe. So many great shows lost in a Jonas Brothers induced sea of indifference. At least they have the College Humor Show… and Whitney Port.

Damn it!


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