i’ve done so very many stupid things

I refrained from eating onion rings at Huddy’s tonight, but dammit if a sandwich is readily available in my fridge then I’m going to eat it. I lost the game. Sorry Jess.

ANYWAY, due to the lack of job opportunities, I will likely be returning to the beach this spring. Now that my Cheney-esque boss has been transferred, all troublemakers have been fired, and there is no more construction to deal with, the next few months should be pretty fun. I hung out with a few of the guys at the park the other day and I remembered why I liked working for the park system in the first place. It’s the only place where you can actually work hard and dick around at the same time. Half the time you don’t even realize you’re busting your ass because you’re too busy making fun of unsightly park patrons. Plus, we get free breakfast!

At the same time though, I feel like I’m just about to give up on a writing career, which I know I shouldn’t do. The freelancing work that I’m doing now is OK, but the APP fiasco was enough to squash my spirits. How does one get a full time writing job anyway? I couldn’t possibly find one that pays a living wage in the city, unless I worked for the New York Times (insanely hard) or the New York Post (insanely trashy, but amazing headlines) but they probably aren’t even hiring anyway. 

Wow this sandwich is really good. I heart Kosher food.

I’d like to use this digital space to endorse a new t.v. show. It’s called Look Around You and it’s on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. It’s not a cartoon, but a live action mock educational program about different subjects including germs, water, ghosts, and maths (sic). And it’s from England so you know it’s guaranteed to be hysterical. It’s like something you’d see on PBS when you were a kid, minus the freaky shit. Since the show is actually a few years old (2002) it’s all over Youtube. 


That’s about it for now. I’d talk about the Super Bowl but the Giants aren’t in it so I really don’t give a shit. I’ll probably drift in and out of the game, being distracted by a turkey sub and all, only stopping to laugh at the new beer commercials and to watch the halftime show, starring Max Weinberg!


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