have i failed?

Remember what I said about life being pleasant? Forget I mentioned that. Every fucking time I think things are going to go my way, my life goes in the complete opposite direction. What the hell am I doing wrong?

I’d like to thank Kutztown University for providing me with an irrelevant educational experience. I’d like to thank PNC for charging ridiculous overdraft fees even though my statement said I had enough money. Subsequently, I’d like to thank the Valero gas station on Rt. 33 for taking their sweet fucking time charging my account 5 days later, when I don’t have enough money in it. And a big thank you to the Asbury Park Press for getting my hopes up.

I am literally on the verge of giving up, and I’m only 23. How the FUCK did I not get the job at the APP? I had the connections and the knowledge. Epic fail on my part.

I don’t get paid for another month. My tax return money will be here in 2 weeks but i lose $70 because of the fucking overdraft. I hate money. I hate everything.

And now a SpaceBuddies movie exists, and Amy Sedaris is in it?! That’s the last straw, God.




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