make it rain

Forgive me, for I am about to gripe.

Being that I’ve been tight on cash, I decided to trade in about 85% of my video games. It was a bittersweet moment because these games were a reminder of a time when I literally had nothing else better to do. Most of them were PS2 games, and were not going to appreciate in value just sitting in my basement so I made the executive decision to part ways. 

As I walked into GameStop at the Freehold Mall with my plastic bag of games, I was struck with the familiar smell of fast food, armpit sweat, and virginity. I approached the desk and waited behind a nerdy girl who worked there. She gave me the stink eye once she saw my bag of outdated video games. I gave her the stink eye once I realized she probably liked to dress up as Princess Zelda. When she left I handed the games over to the sales clerk, a 20-something who was sporting the video game store’s mandated “awful goatee and acne” look. I asked to trade the games in for cash, and this is what followed:

Clerk: I’m not sure if I have enough cash in the store for a money trade in.

Me: … what?

Clerk: Yeah it’s been a slow day. I’ll see what it comes out to.

15 scanned games later…

Clerk: You’ll get $70 back, but I don’t have that.

Me: You opened the store with less than $100? Should I go upstairs to Planet X or the GameStop in Manalapan?

Clerk: Yeah let me check.

He makes 2 phone calls…

Clerk: They don’t have enough either. It’s been a slow day.

Me: (Pissed off like a Jewish grandmother) So let me get this straight. There are three stores in the area that can’t fork over $70? You can’t even provide the services that you’re supposed to because it’s been a slow day? That doesn’t make much sense to me. 

Clerk: Well you could try coming back on Friday.

Me: Whatever. Have fun jerking off to Sailor Moon in your mom’s basement.

OK so I made up that last line but that’s what I was thinking at that moment. I did head over to a different store in Eatontown where the clerk’s twin brother was working and was able to squeeze some cash out of the register, thanks in part to my faux Nintendo fanatic small talk. This experience sums up exactly why I only buy a video game every 6-8 months. Just dealing with the people is a nightmare with their bullshit excuses, let alone having to push through crowds of oblivious mothers and their whiny, Nintendo DS wielding kids. How does the biggest video game retailer in the country not ensure that they can do what they say they can do? Their customer service has always been shoddy at best (and no, I do not want to reserve the new Madden you twat). 

ANYWAY, the job search is partially over. I have been contracted as a freelance reporter for The Alternative Press, a new online daily newspaper based out of Northern NJ. I get my first assignments tomorrow and I’m pretty excited! This will be a great start to my career, seeing that most news is shifting towards the online medium. An online daily is a pretty bold step, but hopefully in the right direction. It’s been doing well so far and I’m looking forward to being a part of something potentially groundbreaking. Not only that, but I may have some other job opportunities coming my way in the near future. Things are finally starting to look pleasant…

P.S. I realized in these last few days that most of my friends are pretty bad ass. Thought I’d put that out there.


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