caligula would have blushed

Fact: I cannot hold a grudge.

This was proved once again last night, when I broke a seven month communication embargo on a girl I was friends with from Kutztown. I won’t go into details on why I was mad at her, but it felt good to break the silence. She is, for all intents and purposes, an intellectual. And believe me, outside of my close knit circle of friends there was a pitiful number of smart people at Kutztown, so she was always fun to talk to. She’s also so fucking indie, she’d make Morrissey’s baby blues  turn green in an instant. ANYWAY, I got in touch with her because I figured she’d want a copy of “Best of 2008” and I was right. Later in the conversation she told me that when she needs music to listen to at her job, she grabs the mix CD’s I made for her. That may have been one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. Knowing that I can stave off someone’s boredom with my music choices almost give me a sense of purpose. I know she’ll like the new mix I sent her.

I’d like to take this opportunity to share something awesome with you, dear readers. Can I interest you in OLD SCHOOL NICKELODEON CARTOONS? Of course I can. What’s most amazing about this is how these shows are still funny even after all these years. Lots of people talk about how great Nick cartoons were in the 1990’s but rarely are they able to watch them any more. Rocko’s Modern Life was my favorite Nick cartoon ever, and it’s held up incredibly well for being over 10 years old. The key to this, which the writers understood, was incorporating adult humor into the cartoon. The older you get, the funnier the show gets. I suggest you start with this episode. Not only does it include Filbert’s immortal “You turn the page, you wash your hands” monologue, but also features a kangaroo being electrocuted in the balls with a car battery. I shit you not.

And yet it’s strangely fitting that Rocko was my favorite show, because his life is just a more anthrophomorphic version of every real life 20-something college graduate. He has equally misfit friends,  a shitty job, and no direction in life. He’s just trying to get by in a crazy world without wearing pants.

All this nostalgia has given me the sudden urge to watch Heavyweights. To HBO on Demand!


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