obligatory election post

I just want to say that while I’m glad Obama won, the microcosm that is Facebook has shown me that some people are really angry. I don’t know if they bought into the whole Barack HUSSEIN Obama crap or they just have vastly different ideals, but they need to get over it. I personally have nothing against John McCain. I think he’s a good man and he wants what’s best for the country but I don’t agree with his platform. I did, however, have a problem with Sarah Palin, who would let people say horribly racist things at her rallies. That shit doesn’t fly. If those are “real” Americans supporting her, then I guess I’m just a no good communist.

But back to Facebook. While it’s ok to be upset with the results, I really think that threatening to move out of the country is the most asinine reaction you could have. One individual had a status that said he was embarrassed to be an American. Well guess what? There are plenty of people who are embarrassed to be Americans because of George Bush, who almost single handily drove this country straight into the ground. (And while I’m going there, let me just say that George Bush is not evil. He is misguided and naive, but not evil. Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and John Ashcroft are evil. Bush was just a puppet.) So quit your bitching.

Another thing that astounded me were the calls that Obama supporters were “ignorant”. Of what exactly? Having hope?! What’s ignorant is letting an administration shit on the constitution, start a war with the wrong country, and let the rich get richer but still supporting said administration because they will let you keep your 10 semi-automatic rifles and demonize gay marriage people. (I know that sounds extremely biased, but those are the kinds of people who I hear talking trash on Obama on t.v.)

Listen, there were going to be outraged citizens either way, but now we need to get over it and end the polarization of this country. The Bush administration did a great job of labeling liberals as dirty, fetus-eating sodomites. And on the other side of the coin, organizations like moveon.org made the case that all conservatives are brainwashed, bible thumping lemmings. It just makes me glad that I can call myself a moderate: I know that both sides are crazy, and leaning to far to either side can be disastrous. And you know what? For those of you who didn’t vote, I commend you. You are the true moderates… or you might just not give a fuck.

American pride isn’t based on the person who’s representing the country. Even if McCain won, I’d still be glad to be living in this country. And an Obama led nation is nothing to be ashamed of either. And if you don’t believe me, try watching BBC News… we could have it much worse. (I say BBC News because the American news barely reports anything that doesn’t involve us directly)

And for those of you who are rummaging through your dressers for you passports, I hear Australia is nice this time of year. It’s just like America, but everyone talks funny. Oh yeah and 80% of the country is a deserted hell scape… but it has kangaroos!

Now get on with your lives.


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