scavenger hunt!

I am trying to find a particular shirt so I am enlisting you, the Atrocity Exhibition fan club, to help me find it.

Back in my senior year of high school I bought a black Morrissey shirt, and I wore it practically every day. I had it up until junior year of college when it suddenly disappeared in my house (like most of my clothes). I mean it just fucking vanished. Needless to say, I am still heartbroken. I’ve been searching for another one for a while now, and today I stumbled across this on ebay:

It was exactly the same as the one I had before, except that there is supposed to be another S in his name. I was so damn close but this fucker had to crush my spirits by selling a cheap knockoff.

Despite the typo, this is exactly what it looked like. So if any of you have some free time on your hands, I would really appreciate it if you could help me find this shirt in a size Large. I’ve had many Smiths/Morrissey shirts but this was far and away my favorite. I think it’s because he kind of looks like an asian Vanilla Ice…


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