On the advice of my bestest friend, I’m getting this blog back on track.

“What is the meaning of life?” is arguably the most cliche of all of life’s questions, right up there with ‘Why do bad things happen to good people?” and “Why is Carlos Mencia still alive?”. Is that all people want to know? It’s a very broad question that doesn’t have one answer. I think everyone has their own meaning of life, or some kind of metaphor they can relate their life to. 

Well I have thought long and hard and came to the conclusion that my life is that of “the shopping cart with the one busted wheel”. 

So you know how you go to the food store and you get the cart that has that one jammed wheel that always veers to the left and eventually sends you careening into the Hamburger Helper display? Sucks, does it not? And yet you push the cart anyway, fighting the pull from the bum wheel and creating an unnecessary inconvenience for yourself because hell, you already put stuff in it so you might as well finish shopping. And despite how much of a pain-in-the-ass the cart is, you still get your shopping done. You pay, you go home, and you eat your cheese doodles.

Allow me break it down for y’all.

One thing I think we can agree on, dear readers, is that my life is just one shenanigan after another. I don’t think I have ever had a normal day, a normal relationship, or a normal job/school experience. Everything is fucked up, all the time. That’s the defective shopping cart. Therefore that makes me the shopper, obviously. I could pick another shopping cart (i.e. fix the problems in my life) but I’m already lost in the supermarket. And although life throws me some wacky curve balls, and I do and say things that only make my life that much harder, in the end everything seems to work out in my favor. And the cheese doodles represent cheese doodles. Delicious doodles. Mmmm.

Yeah ok that was contrived as fuck, but that’s the explanation that I’m offering. I’m sure if you all thought about it you can find some meaning to your life. Life isn’t supposed to be perfect, so embrace the flaws and the bad times.

Now that we’ve sorted that out, I am going to try to figure out the meaning of this comic:

I know it’s funny, but why?


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