i’m so glad that i’m an island

Someone found my blog by typing this in the search bar: “cutie forced exhibition story”. I had no idea I was running a site for rape fantasy stories, but that could be another outlet for writing… if I was sick in the head.

I went on a real job interview today at Air Cruisers Company for a technical writing position. Alas, after months of searching, I found an actual writing job. Anyways, the company manufacturers inflatable vest, slides, and boats for nearly every airplane manufacturer in the world, so needless to say these guys have the market cornered. The interview itself went pretty well overall, and the fact that they are hiring two people for the position gives me a little leeway. Basically, the job involves writing, editing, and updating procedure manuals for all of the products, which is something I think I can definitely handle. The manuals are about 200 pages long, so each one takes about two to three weeks to complete. Though I’m not entirely sure I nailed the interview, the manager was impressed with my resume and told me I did well on the writing test (though I made two really stupid editing mistakes) so I’ll have to wait a week to find out my fate. 

Other than working and trying to find work, I’ve been spending most of my free time drinking with Jess and watching lots of movies, both of which have kept me from losing my mind. Life can be awfully boring when the majority of your friends move away, but having a really good friend around makes up for it, especially when you can converse with nothing but Arrested Development quotes with said friend. Huzzah! 

P.S. You betrayed me, College Humor!

P.P.S (9:34 pm) Look at the last group… damn you, CH! Quit reading my blog and hire me already!!!



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2 responses to “i’m so glad that i’m an island

  1. salmonheadsoup

    Is it also wrong if I read: “Someone found my blog by typing this in the search bar: “cutie forced exhibition story”.” and decided to check out your blog b/c I was wondering how you could possibly justify your so-called ‘rape fantasy story’? I was looking up ‘random’ posts, I swear!

  2. borntohang

    I think I’m going to title one of my blog entries “Nude Pics of Scarlett Johansson” and just see how many hits I get. But to the reader’s dismay, the entry will be about cupcakes.

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