we’re not scaremongering

1. In case you haven’t noticed a pattern, I could quote “Idioteque” all fucking day.


3. This is old news for everyone else, but Arrested Development is by far the greatest show in the history of television. Jess got me into it early in July, and it’s grown into an obsession. Every character is absolutely rediculous… for example, David Cross has always been one of my favorite comedians but he takes it to a completely new level with TobiasĀ  “I Blue Myself” Funke. The many small jokes (Buster winning stuffed animals for his army “training”) and the running gags (GOB’s chicken interpretation) let the show pretty much go wherever it felt like going, and it hasn’t gotten old, I’m only through two and a half seasons and I will probably want to hang myself once it’s over. Oh and remember, if you have a brilliant idea for a show, never ever pitch it to Fox.

4. I really need to find another job. $8.50 an hour is cool if you’re still in school or an ex-convict, but now that I’m officially a post-grad I’m supposed to have standards or something. Anyway, most of the people who read this already have jobs or play poker so to you, I say congratulations for graduating on time. It’s funny how even if you study your ass off and work hard(ish) to graduate, if the economy’s bad then you’re shit out of luck unless you graduated at the top of your class. Actually, that might not even be true considering Merrill Lynch, my “sure thing”, is on a hiring freeze for the rest of the year. Even if I could cure cancer and grant wishes, ML wouldn’t touch me (though they wouldn’t have to pay for health insurance).

5. There’s this new radio station called RXP on 101.9 and if you haven’t listened to it, you’re missing out. It used to be a light jazz station but it probably resulted in too many people falling asleep behind the wheel while listening to it so it switched over to alternative rock. What’s great about RXP is that they play everything by everyone, and not just whatever new single is out that’s only on the air because some record executive paid the station to play it. Did you know that Areosmith actually kicks ass? I didn’t know that until I started listening to RXP, because before I was under the impression that the band only released 5 songs. For every bad song they play there are 20 good ones, which I think anyone can accept. It’s like WHTG in it’s heyday before it was taken over and watered down for the soccer mom crowd.

6. LOL


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  1. I like Aerosmith – Dream on alot but that might be included in the 5 songs that everyone knows.

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