we’re only gonna die

I saw on the news today that the average life expectancy rose to 78 years old. But considering the state of the planet, it makes one think if it’s worth living that long. (I promise you all that I won’t going to regale you with any Morrissey inspired tales of woe.)

The real problem with living this long is that this world is completely fucked. Terrorists want to kill us, corporations want to take advantage of us, and our economy is slowly going to shit. Though this is only the immediate situation, you have to think about what’s going to happen down the road. Sure, we may all live well into our 80’s, but the quality of our lives will vary greatly.

I’m probably a little bitter because my mom is talking about postponing my graduation party. She is quite famous for this kind of bait and switch  (i.e. my 23rd birthday party), but she actually brought up a good point: we are fucking broke. Between credit card debt, car payments, student loans, and car insurance, we are clearly up the junction. It seems that to live comfortably in this world, we need to pay for the simplest of commodities. This is going to sound trite, but I just find it mind boggling that we all slave over green pieces of paper/cotton mix with dead slave owners on them (except you Lincoln, you’re cool). And with everything getting so expensive recently, living comfortably is beginning to feel like living luxuriously.

Anyone who told you that money doesn’t buy happiness is either full of shit or a hippie or both. Granted, there are the things in life that will make one universally happy (family, friends, love, Greasetrucks), but everything else requires cash and lots of it. Being that the job market is terrible, making enough money to support yourself is becoming more and more difficult, and the fact that prices for just about everything we need are still rising isn’t helping. You don’t have to obey the commercials or sign up for three credit cards or light children on fire, but you’ve got to admit that they’re enticing.

I probably shouldn’t be bitching about all of this, but it’s hard to not think about it. I mean things could turn around for the better sooner or later. But I guess whether your life is good or bad all depends and what you make of it; I have some hope that one day I won’t be dwell on all the negative things about life.

So 78 years? Can we even make it to then without killing ourselves or falling into debt? Actually, if everyone fell into debt, that would create a nation of homeless people,which would be kind of cool. It’ll be just like camping, but you do it forever.

This is the dumbest post ever.


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