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I loaded my resume into a catapult (aka my Grandpa) and launched it over the Hudson River. So far I’ve received info from Bloomberg News. My grandpa had lunch with an old colleague from his CBS days today, and passed along my resume to his wife who works for Brian Williams at NBC News (zomg!). This guy apparently knows the family who own the Bergen Record in Hackensack, among other NJ papers and magazines. He said he’d let me know if any positions that I’d be interested in would open up.

Speaking of crossing the Hudson, holy fuck this past weekend was fun. I’ve been to Brooklyn a few times, but after the three days I spent there I finally got the full experience. Be it bar hopping in the pouring rain, getting lost walking around then getting in a cab that drives to the wrong borough, or spending $20 on the choicest of baby blue cowboy shirts at a vintage clothing store because you didn’t bring a change of clothes, it was clearly a Brooklyn 101 situation. The part when I became incapacitated with a mind shattering headache in the middle of Phil’s party could have happened anywhere though.

My current job is interesting, to say the least. It’s at Seven President’s Beach in Long Branch, part of the Monmouth County Park System… yes, I am a park ranger again. It’s funny how that even though everything came back to me in a day, everyone still treats me like it’s my first job (I’m pretty sure I know how to mow grass). Not to mention the unbalanced shifts (6 – 2:30 or 12:30 – 9) which will either reek havoc on your social life or your sleeping pattern. Still, it IS at the beach and I can get myself and friends in for free whenever I want. Paul did entice me with an epically lucrative Etnacom job in Jersey City today, but it would require me to take 2 weeks off from the park and my boss is kind of anal. I’ll see where that goes…

Now that I’m a post graduate, I’m starting to notice how the rules of life have changed. I’m a year behind most of my friends so these revelations will probably sound redundant:

– Your parents, who you have lived with your entire life, suddenly make you pay rent as if your house was not your home anymore

– The dating situation is completely different. No more meeting girls though class or friends at parties. Now you have to go out and find them. I was never keen on finding my future wife at a bar trying to yell talk over Crank Dat blasting in the background. (Needless to say, I’m not looking)

– You’re 23 and people are calling you “old”. Yes I am old, if I were a car or a tree.

– Every job that looks interesting requires you to have at least 3 years experience, because apparently companies have stopped hiring college graduates.

– Like the end of high school, you stop giving a fuck about half of the people you knew in college.

– Like the end of high school, you are scared shitless.

– You can’t feel nostalgic without feeling depressed.

– $5 = $5,000


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