Yesterday, I found a working NES at the record store. It came with a controller, the Zapper, and the Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt game, and the entire thing was only $30. I thought to myself, “This is a sign from God. I’ll take it!” What I didn’t count on was Samantha hovering over me trying to convince me not to buy it, and in the process brought up a very good point.

I buy so many things on impulse, especially when I don’t have the money for it. This was the pivotal moment in my adult life: do I buy one of the greatest video game systems ever created, or do I fill up my gas tank and buy food.

In retrospect, I’m glad I didn’t buy it. Besides, I can just download most of the good games for the Wii anyways.

And it really was a turning point. I’m supposed to be fiscally responsible and stop buying crap (i.e. the dinosaur hoodie that I make no apologies for). With all the credit card bills, car and insurance payments, and student loans I need to pay off it looks like I won’t be getting anything like an HD t.v. any time soon. I would still love to hook a 23 year old video game system to a $1,000 television though.

So long as I have money left over for alcohol and gasoline, it should be a pretty good life.


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