please die

I’m stuck in an incredibly childish situation. I’ll try not to ramble, but let’s just say that some “typical sorority girls” have been saying some pretty libelous stuff about me, as well as informing one of their sorority sisters about every aspect of my life (who I hang out with, where I go, what my sister is doing). Needless to say, it’s quite annoying and unnecessary. After some serious shit hit the fan, I decided it was in my best interest to not have anything to do with these girls. The sad part is that I was friends with these girls before they joined the sorority, but since the head of the sorority has a grudge against me, she turns my friends into little spies.

When I put it in perspective, it’s quite funny. These girls, who are freshmen mind you, say all these things and yet act like a friend to my face. In fact, they party at my house quite frequently. Perhaps they are not so much interested in being my friend as much as they are desperate for a place to get drunk and hopefully get their ugly asses taken advantage of, seeing as that’s the only way they seem to get action (seriously, I have witnesses). They have tried to say some damaging things and make up stories, but they are just making themselves look terribly unattractive.

The irony of it all is that these shenanigans have to come at the end of college. I have less than three weeks to go until I graduate, yet I cannot escape the ridiculous, over the top drama worthy of a High School Musical sequel. I mean I know these girls are freshmen and “maturity” hasn’t quite settled in, but their sorority sister overlord is set to graduate in May. The fact that she is ready to graduate and yet orchestrated this insane deep cover operation defies all logic. These girls do not represent the Greek system very well… I can imagine each sorority house being a drama factory, with every girl backstabbing their way into the hearts of the people in charge. I can’t think of one good thing sororities do for our society. All they do is repress the maturity of people who felt the need to buy their friends.

I really wish I could say this all to their faces and not have to complain about it in a post but alas, my good friend happens to be the queen bee’s room mate, and saying something could make things very awkward. I’m glad my friend has the common decency to let me know what trash is being said about me, because the last thing I need is a few skanks fucking up my last few weeks left as a student. They can throw water on the rumor mill all they want but it’s not going to get them any closer to being liked, let alone respected as human beings.

Am I completely innocent in this situation? Of course not. This whole situation stemmed from my single life antics, but it was taken one step further by these bimbos who thought that I should date their friend, at any cost. Exaggerations and fabrications are fair game in their eyes, apparently.

I hope this place burns to the ground.

Viva hate.


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  1. jenyouknowwho

    i hope your experiences with some doesn’t mar your opinion of all.

    not all of us join sororities and get our ugly asses shit-faced each weekend and post the evidence on facebook.

    just the dumb ones.

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