sounds of science

Holy shit, this thing is amazing. You make your own MP3 mix tape (12 songs max) and it gets uploaded on to the site, where you can browse other users’ mixes. So far I’ve been listening to a lot of Spanish alternative and Japanese metal. Mine is pretty predictable (Interpol, R.E.M., The Smiths, Van Halen) but a lot of these mixes are amazing. It’s a great way to discover new music and distract you from more important things.

On a different note, I’ve received some hilarious hate mail stemming from my “Blow Up NJ” article. Apparently, some people from NJ didn’t realize it was a joke even though there was a big clip art picture of a jester next to it. Here’s’ the first one:

your article on jersey sucked. and was absolutely a waste of my time reading it. dont hate on jersey just cuz pennsylvania fucking sucks and is boring as shit. jersey has a beach, its right inbetween nyc and philly. you are gonna have so many people on your ass cuz of what you wrote. haha its actually kind of funny. because people from jersey (excluding me) are way more of jersey pride freaks than myself. and you might even get kicked off newspaper writing. cuz so many people have read what you wrote and they are really pissed off. especially about the part where jersey girls suck dick. you are fucking pathetic. get a life. seriously. find another hobby.

Not gonna lie… I lol’d. I didn’t bother to respond because it was clearly written by someone who is mentally challenged. I don’t expect someone who uses that grammar to “get it”. But the next one I got was mind blowing. This kid requested me as a friend on Facebook so he could insult me on my wall:

Whats up T-rex? I was in my apt with my fellow housemates when i stumbled upon your clever article that probably took you about 2 minutes to think of. Just because your from colts neck and probably a rich conservative asshole doesnt mean you should turn against the home state. thats the only reason i friend requested you…you suck.

Wow. I’m rich conservative asshole, huh? He saved a lot of face by saying “probably”. Judging from his Facebook page, he is “probably” a dumb frat boy date rapist. This one really bothered me, and not because he didn’t like the article. He went out of his way to add me so he could look awesome and diss me in front of the Facebook community. I died a little on the inside, realizing what my generation has come to: we are all perpetual high schoolers. Now I wrote this guy back in a private message, and I’m pretty sure I owned him good. I haven’t heard so much as a “fuck you” back from him, so I’m assuming I got my point across.

I mean I thought I had a lot of NJ pride, but some people’s pride completely blows me out of the water. I now realize why people think we’re all a bunch of douche bags… it’s because we are. I didn’t expect everyone to get the joke but damn it, people are stupid.


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