what the bitch?

I caught a HUGE break on Wednesday. The one required class that that I have left, Environmental Science, is being offered at Brookdale this summer, and Kutztown U is letting me take it there instead of having to stay in PA. First of all, thank God. I had no idea how this was going to play out but somehow it worked in my favor. Secondly, I’m taking this class at Sandy Hook. What better way to end 18 years of school than at the beach collecting shells? Now that I’ve been given this “Get Out of Jail Free card” I have to bust my ass for the next month to ensure that I finish everything that I need to get done.

Since I have to take the Brookdale class later in the summer (7/7 – 8/15), I’m going to have to get a summer job until I find a real job. So far I’ve applied to Barnes and Noble in Freehold and Seven Presidents Park in Long Branch. What real job I take boils down to where I’m living. If living with Jess doesn’t work out, it’s off to NYC. If I do move in with her, then I’ll see what Asbury Park Press or The Star Ledger have to offer. Obviously those won’t be my only two options but it’s a start. If anyone has any suggestions or job leads let me know. Speaking of which, does anyone even read this blog?

Also, this is amazing:

I hope they come to NJ/NY/PA.


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