Fred and Sharon FTW

What happens when a closet pedophile marries a cat lady? You get Fred and Sharon’s Movies, the greatest entrepreneurship in the history of Canada.

At first I thought it was a joke. I couldn’t believe that something this horrible/hilarious could actually exist. I felt bad for laughing until I realized that some people actually paid money for these two to make movies. You’d think that if you were to run your own movie company, you’d be able possess basic editing and producing skills. But these two don’t need to know all that bullshit, for it’ll only get in the way of the raw emotion displayed by the people sitting at their tables at the farmer’s market.

Could you imagine hiring these two to film your wedding, and you get the final product and it’s your drunk uncle having a conversation with a crudely animated person with a bob haircut? I think I made better videos with 3D Movie Maker in 6th grade (Mr. Vail, anyone?).

Either way, congratulations to Fred and Sharon for winning at the internet!


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