snow day

…is a terrible movie. Just awful.

Only three entires in and this blog is starting to look like my livejournal from high school. I should come up with a theme that doesn’t involve complaining about my life.

Oh so earlier I mentioned that the school newspaper staff wasn’t getting paid. It’s kind of a shitty situation we’re in, but I won’t bore you with the little details. Last March or April, the Keystone ran an article about how this one soccer coach was having sex with a female soccer player. Now, before the story even ran, the coach was asked to leave and the rumor of what happened spread pretty quickly. This was not a breaking story. The president of the university and all around bag of shit, Javier Cevallos, thought that the Keystone had become a liability for printing such a damning story (it pointed out that there was no policy on teacher/student relationships, among other things). So he pulled the newspaper’s stipends. However, he did say we could pay ourselves from our personal account, which had about $30,000 in it. No big deal.

Well once the fall semester rolled around, and I officially joined the staff, things turned out much different. Our (now former) editor-in-chief, Nate, spent the entire semester filling out paperwork and going through the proper channels to be able to write ourselves paychecks. Well at the end of November, the accounting office says that we can’t write ourselves the checks. In fact, they also thought we were volunteering, despite the fact that he had been filling out paper work and calling people all semester.

Joe, our new editor-in-chief, decided to take a different route: lawyers. Long story short, Cevallos blatantly violated our first amendment rights, and the lawyers Joe spoke to said we had a good case. However, one lawyer suggested that we go downtown to the magistrate’s office and file a “wage compliant”. Cevallos would get subpoenaed and would have to show up in court, and no lawyers would be needed. Joe sent him an e-mail telling him what we would do if he didn’t reinstate our stipends. Wouldn’t you know it, he thought we were bluffing, and kindly forwarded the e-mail to our advisor, saying that he “wasn’t going to respond to it”. Our advisor, on the other hand, thought it was a great e-mail. I hope Cevallos will like getting 17 subpoenas on his desk.

Now, I’m not bitter about not getting paid, because just having the newspaper on my resume will only make more hirable. Quite frankly, as long as Joe is handling the payment situation, I’m not too concerned with the outcome (though getting $500 would be nice). What is so strange about the situation is that Cevallos is not responsible for anything we write, since the newspaper is student run and nothing has to be approved by the university before it’s published. On top of that, he lied to us about being able to pay ourselves, and when we called him out on it at the end of the fall semester, he said it wasn’t his problem. Pulling our stipends wasn’t necessary, but you can’t blame him for being a dumb ass. Oh wait, you can.

Currently, he has been catching a lot of shit from the faculty and the students. Since his stint as president started in 2005, the quality of the school has deteriorated. We went from a tier 3 school to a tier 4 school in only a year, class sizes tripled, when it snows it never gets shoveled, and students are given parking tickets left and right for the slightest infractions. Even the faculty had a “‘no confidence”‘ vote against him, which passed 49 to 15. There’s even a growing student movement against him.

I mean you really have to go here to see how bad the school has gotten. I’m just glad I only have 3 months to go. Maybe if we’re lucky, his commencement speech at my graduation will be his last.

Here’s a link to the school paper. It’s a little behind but we’re working on it.

The Keystone Online


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  1. I’m glad to see you at the Keystone are moving forward as journalists would–to advocate for your rights and to seek out what is right. Good luck getting your stipends back!

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